Friday, 14 May 2010

RX Generation

RX Generation je dokumentarac koji tretira uticaj farma mafije na zdravlje dece, odnosno zloupotrebu dece, a sve u "naučne" svrhe. Budućnost ove planete je na deci, a šta farma mafija pravi od dece, e, to ćete da pogledate u ovom filmu.

Oficijelna stranica i sinopsis filma

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Komentar gledaoca Perry Bee-ija sa IMDb-ija koji je na mene ostavio veoma snažan utisak, odnosno mislim da dobro može da dočara ugao gledanja na stvari iz ličnog iskustva.
Here we go again, another documentary showing the wonderful world we live in, run by a group of very very powerful and rich group/ethnic bunch of people. Sure this documentary tells the story of the high risk of prescribed drugs, but what people need to know is whom these companies are run by. Use Google, do your research, other wise they will never be held accountable for all the pain and misery they spread amongst us. To counter their evil we need to get to the root of the evil first.

I myself was diagnosed with Bi-polar a few years ago, and went on a roller coaster ride filled with prescription drugs, that led to my private world collapsing. But after looking for why I was feeling ill (mentally and physical) I worked out that Aspartame (Google it) was the culprit, Aspartame the not so good for you drug that we all know as what makes our drinks taste sweet and will not make us fat! Wrong it is one of the major causes of the enormous increase of mental illness in the 20th century.

After removing Aspartame totally from my diet, and not taking med's for my so called metal illness, my mental and physical health started to improve, sure it was hard to do at first, but as time went along the improvement in mental state and physical well being has been nothing less then a 100% turn around, so I hope for any one that watches this documentary, and reads my story, Google Aspartame, it was the main reason for my so called Bi-polar, the drugs that were prescribed by my doctor were adding to the so called chemical in-balance, how wrong they were, it just made it worse.

Look at what we consume as so called food! What has been added to it to add flavor, to insure it will last longer and so on, that's where the problem is regarding mental illness for most people, we all know smoking is bad for you, it's bad due to the amount of chemicals you inhale, sure the smoke it self is bad, but chemicals is what's killing a lot of people and making them very ill, Aspartame is one of them that is used in lots and lots of products, so start there.

Healthy food, healthy mind!

Length: 80:47 mins


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